5 Strategies to Better Your Homes Air Quality in Elkhart

You may not have known this, but the air inside your house could be hiding more irritants than outside air. These pollutants can intensify seasonal allergies here in Elkhart. Thankfully, taking care of your family’s air quality isn’t as hard as you might imagine, and with some easy, consistent adjustments, you can reduce the probability these headaches and allergens will torment you and your family. Here are five different actions you can take to improve the air quality in your house:

1. Clean Up

Frequent cleaning to remove dust, debris and dirt is an easy method to greatly boost the quality of the air in your home. This involves dusting, vacuuming and mopping the parts and floors of your house that are most likely to accrue these materials. If you have furry friends, you’ll also get rid of excess fluff and pet dander.

Taking actions to clean outside your home is also highly useful, especially near the places where your HVAC system lives. You can remove leftover leaves and yard debris plus clean up mold or mildew. With this frequent cleaning, you’ll get rid of these issues before they have time to circulate through your home comfort system, and sidestep breathing any of them in!

2. Consider Disposing of Man-Made Scents

Even while they fill your home with inviting smells, a variety of common air fresheners incorporate chemicals that can adversely alter your home’s air quality. It can be nearly impossible to maneuver the detailed claims many brands make about the safety of their products. To forget these artificial ingredients altogether, choose sprays that don’t include artificial scents as well as non-aerosol. And, if you just have to have that nice lemon scent, give baking soda and fresh- cut lemons a shot! This natural alternative makes a pleasant smell, and passes the air quality test. Potpourri and other organic elements are also reliable selections if you are looking for fresh-smelling air without all the mysterious extras.

3. Add a Little Green

Adding some green plants to your home is another simple, natural solution to improve the quality of air in your home comfort system. There are tons of stylish plants that not only look nice but take out a range of of frequently encountered airborne pollutants. If you have animals, make sure to keep in mind that many plants are toxic. Do some research before buying any plants and putting them in your home where your pet can find them. If that’s a problem you don’t have to worry about, add however many to a space as you desire! They’ll have to have enough sunlight and water, but if you’re the proud owners of a green thumb, plants are one of the most fun ways you can lighten up your decor and air quality at the same time.

4. Frequently Check and Switch Out Air Filters

As you might expect, the air filters in your home play a big part in taking care of the state of air that is pushed throughout your space. Picking the best filter for your Elkhart space can help trap and eliminate debris and allergens from your HVAC system, keeping the quality of air high. But that’s only a segment of the battle. Usual care, cleaning and changing of your filter can ensure cleaner, healthier air for years to come, while giving your HVAC system the ability to function at peak efficiency.

5. Work with a Professional

The educated, insured and fully trained pros at BW/Cook Service Experts in Elkhart understand the importance of keeping your home’s air and home comfort system free of pollutants, allergens and other debris. We’ll work around the clock to keep it that way, and keep your home comfortable. For the best HVAC service!

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