How to Prepare HVAC Equipment for a Storm

How Do You Prepare HVAC Equipment for a Storm? 

When a storm is on its way, make sure your heating and air conditioning equipment is prepared with these suggestions from Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning. 

  • Protect Your System from the Surge 

Install a high-quality surge protector where any heavy appliances, such as a furnace, are plugged into a standard wall outlet, to automatically shut down your equipment if there’s a jump in the line voltage. Also, don’t touch any electrical components, and ask for an expert’s help if you do not regularly use surge protectors. 

  • Make Sure Everything is Anchored 

Confirm your outside A/C equipment is installed on a concrete pad and properly secured to avoid the equipment from being thrown in the air or washing away during a storm. If your community is prone to hurricanes, use hurricane straps to protect your air conditioning system from high winds. 

  • Cover Your Equipment (If Possible) 

The welfare of you and your family should be priority, but if time permits, power off your HVAC system and cover the outdoor system with a tarp. You must remove the tarp and any debris before you turn your unit back on following a storm. 

  • Check For Damage 

Once the storm has passed, make sure the system is safe before turning it back on. First, verify there are no indications of damage and clean any debris from around the equipment. Call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning for a system inspection if there is any damage or flooding to the unit. Once you’ve had the equipment inspected by a professional, turn the heating and cooling system back on immediately to help dry the home and prevent mold from getting into the unit or ductwork. 

If your equipment has suffered any damage, check out these suggestions on what to do if your equipment suffers damage and then call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning and learn about our membership plans to help keep your HVAC system in working order all year long.